August 5, 2020
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How to Do Eye Make Up

How To Do Good Eye Makeup For Small Eyes Like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift seems to be everywhere right now. She’s known for her up-beat songs, and string of bad boyfriends. But beauty magazines and websites will quickly add that one of their most frequent tutorial requests is for how to do eye make up like her! Her cat eye makeup is as much her signature as her infectious melodies and insinuating lyrics. Many people don’t even realize that without the eye makeup, Taylor is actually one of the many celebrities with small eyes. Small eyes makeup does require a precise application to make eyes look their best, but luckily, recreating Taylor Swift’s style is very attainable to us everyday gals.

1. Primer locks the look – In knowing how to do eye make up correctly, regardless of the style you’re going for, you should start with a lid primer (also called eye shadow base, or shadow primer), especially if you have oily skin that gets shiny throughout the day. It will give you an even, long-wearing base. Dab onto lid and blend. Allow to dry before adding shadow or eyeliner.

2. Keep lids neutral and matte – Taylor’s trick for applying eye shadow is to keep the lids fairly subtle. The lids are kept bare (or she uses nude color shadow), and then she runs a bit of light taupe through the crease, to the outer corner, and along the upper and lower lash lines. Blend all thoroughly.

3. Create the “flick” FIRST – They key to Taylor Swift eye makeup is the “flick.” Begin the cat eye with the flick at the end first. It follows an imaginary line as if it were a continuation of her lower lash line. Then she lines the top eyelashes, connecting the two, and building up the thickness of the line gradually.

4. Trace in pencil – Until you are completely comfortable knowing how to do eye make up or applying liquid eyeliner, professionals (Taylor’s makeup artist included!) suggests first tracing the line you wish to create in a kohl pencil or smudge proof eyeliner, then line with a good liquid or gel eyeliner.

5. Curl eyelashes – Many women are not aware of the extent to which a little pre-mascara lash-curling can open and enlarge the appearance of your eyes! Taylor Swift carries a lash curler in her personal makeup kit…she knows that curling your lashes is a crucial step in getting that perfect cat eye makeup style! So try the Panasonic heated eyelash curler (we approve!) for its ease of application (using it is similarly to how to use mascara – gentle upward strokes) and safety. You can use it with mascara on (better not but it’s OK if you do) or luxurious mink eyelashes or mink eyelash extensions by Minki Lashes (avoid using it with cheaper silk or faux mink eyelash extensions).

6. Mega mascara – If, for some reason, you don’t know how to use mascara…you better learn! If you want to know how to do eye make up like Taylor Swift, you can’t get it right without mascara! After curling, add one coat of eyelash primer, and two coats of preferably paraben-free hypoallergenic or organic mascara.

7. Lashes add drama! – If mascara alone won’t be enough to satisfy you, you can add some drama with false eyelashes. Taylor certainly does on occasion! Her lashes (faux or not) never look clumpy or overwhelming. A good compromise would be to add the most natural false eyelashes on the market- mink eyelashes by Minki Lashes (made of cruelty-free Siberian mink), or even just a few clusters of individual false eyelashes just to the outer corners of your eyes. That will accentuate the “cat eye” even more and help you seem like a pro at how to do eye make up!

8. Add shimmer – Taylor knows how to do eye make up that highlights those small blue eyes in all the right places. There always seems to be a subtle shimmer (a light, pearlescent shade) under her arch and in her tear duct area. While she will occasionally line the inner rim with a dark pencil (this is generally a no-no for those with small eyes), she usually lines the inner rim with a white or nude pencil (even for a smokey eye look).

And that is how to do eye make up like Taylor Swift. As a final “Taylor” touch, sweep on a bold, vibrant red lipstick (she does love her red lips)! Also keep your cheeks very, very subtle (hardly any blush or contour at all). And just like that… you can tell your boring old makeup look that you are never-ever-ever getting back together.


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  1. T-Swift doesn’t have small eyes lol.

    • Hi there,
      According to the eye shape basics and facial proportions, Taylor Swift does have small eyes. It doesn’t mean they are not pretty (of course they are) but they are smaller in proportion to her nose and other facial features. When she does the right eye makeup, we don’t even notice that they are small, but if you look at her earlier photos with black eyeliner on bottom lash line, her eyes are smaller than other celebrities’ with a similar bottom eyeliner look.

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