August 5, 2020
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How To Make Eyeshadow

How To Make Eyeshadow Last Longer And Not Crease?

Some girls are just lucky, never seeming to struggle with their eye shadow going the distance. But for the rest of us, creasing and disappearing eye shadow is just something we’ve accepted… something that’s “just par for the course” in daily beauty. Or is it? Happily, possessing the know-how to make eyeshadow last can be a reality for our long-suffering lids; all we need are a few key products and helpful techniques!

  1. Start with a Clean Slate – Would you slip on a lovely, flirty dress after you’ve been playing in the mud all day without taking a shower first? Of course not. Your makeup should get the same respect. It’s the most basic of steps, but a clean slate is the first rule in how to make eyeshadow last all day. Use a hypoallergenic non toxic and unscented gentle soap to wash your face with. Valeria of Minki Lashes recommends Out of Africa Shea Butter Bar Soap Unscented.
  2. Primer=Magic – This is it…the key. Your eyeshadow look all hinges on this. Not only does a good primer make your bright eyeshadow pop, but it also keeps your more subtle hues in place. If you have not adopted an eyeshadow primer into your daily makeup ritual, do it! As in…today! You will find dozens of tempting options on the market, including high-end retailers (like Laura Mercier, Chanel, and Bobbi Brown), but remember that most of those are loaded with unhealthy toxic chemicals that are potentially carcinogenic and allergenic so proceed with caution. The two brands that have really seemed to corner the primer market are Too Faced and Urban Decay. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion ($12-$20) is a must for most makeup kits. Although these 2 brands contain potentially carcinogenic Cyclopentasiloxane and potentially allergenic Phenoxyethanol, Skin Deep Cosmetics Database assigns an overall safety rating of 2 (low risk). A new and exciting entry on our non-toxic lid primer list is a Jane Iredale Lid Primer in Canvas ($25) with a low health risk rating of “1” by Skin Deep! Simply blend onto the entire lid and allow to dry before shadow or liner.
  3. Cream Shadow Base – True, some cream eye shadow base can be used as shadow in itself, but if you really want to skip to the Doctorate-level of knowing how to make eyeshadow last, consider using a cream base in a complimentary color to the shadow you plan to wear. With this “layering” in mind, you could amp up any eyeshadow look. For example, if you wanted to rock a bronze smokey cat eye makeup, start with Au Naturale Cosmetics Creme Eye Shadow in Coffee ($20, it’s a safer organic, non-toxic, non-nano, gluten & paraben-free, vegan alternative to chemical-filled BareMinerals Prime Time Primer Shadow ($18) in Bronzed Twig). Apply to the lid, blending into the crease with a MAC 217 (or similar) brush.
  4. Powder Shadow Finish: Then, add a similar (or darker) shade of powder eyeshadow, such as Aluma Pure Pearluster Eyeshadow in Cappuccino, over top. You can also use this layering effect for daytime-appropriate hues, but this technique works especially well on more daring evening makeup looks.
  5. Lashes need love too – Why bother learning how to make eyeshadow last, if you’re going to go out without mascara or falsies? That’s like spending hours getting ready, only to go out without pants. Well, almost…but the point is, your lashes need love too! And there are two easy ways to add impact. First, you can use an eyelash primer before your regular mascara to make your own lashes look thick, long, and lush. Or, after your mascara, consider applying fake eyelashes, in either full strips, demi strips, or individual lashes. If you’re a newbie at this, don’t worry! There are literally hundreds of how-to tutorials and videos online with fake eyelashes tips for every look and occasion. Once you beef up your skill level of false lash application, upgrade to the most natural-looking and luxuriously fluttery 100% real and cruelty-free Siberian mink lashes on the market, by Minki Lashes. Check out the very detailed step-by-step mink lash application tutorial here.
Bronze Smokey Eyeshadow Anti-Crease
(c) Minki Lashes.

No longer is the possibility of crease-free eyeshadow an elusive secret or hereditary lottery jackpot, ever beyond your grasp. It’s all right here in four easy steps: the not-so-secret secrets of how to make eyeshadow last longer without that dreaded creasing. But be warned… with this knowledge comes power…the power to totally dominate any eye makeup look, for as long as you wish to wear it. Use it wisely, my friends!


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