May 11, 2021
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How To Remove Eyelash Extensions

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions Glue Cyanoacrylate Formula

Before you can understand how to remove eyelash extensions either at the professional salon or at home yourself, you must first know a thing or two about the type of adhesive used to install them.  While many lash salons use a wide variety of glues to enhance your lashes, the majority of eyelash adhesive products used contain the same base active ingredient – cyanoacrylate. That may seem like a really long and technical sounding term as is often the case with cosmetic ingredients, but it really isn’t.  In fact, you probably use it at home from time to time and don’t even know it.  And, while many salons misleadingly rave that they use “surgical” and “medical” grade glue for the application of their semi permanent eyelash extensions, all of them that utilize cyanoacrylate based products use essentially the same thing – super glue.  What differentiates them all is the environment they are produced in and the additional ingredients they contain (such as formaldehyde content etc). Now, you don’t have to start getting panicked and running back to your salon to ask are eyelash extensions safe.  Remember, what they are using to apply the extensions to your natural lash never hits your actual skin and so the eyelash extension glue used is much less of a concern.

Cyanoacrylate (CA) is a chemical bonding agent in every permanent eyelash adhesive. There are 2 main cyanoacrylate formula types used for semi permanent eyelash extensions, methyl cyanoacrylate that is fast drying but high in fumes, and ethyl cyanoacrylate that is fast drying and lower in fumes. Both of these types “cure” by drawing moisture from the air (see here what the difference is between glue “curing” and “drying”). That is why you are typically required to stay away from water for 24-48 hours after professional lash set application. The 2 types are more irritating and are not compatible with human tissue, because they include toxic degradation components (polymer) that take longer to break down.

The popular terms in the lash extensions world- “medical grade” and “surgical glue” are falsely marketed as containing the same non-toxic and less irritating to skin tissue and eyes formula as opthalmic adhesives, for instance 2-octyl cyanoacrylate. No actual surgical glue is ever used for semi permanent eyelash extensions, and if your mink lash stylist tells you differently, you may be in the hands of an inexperienced lasher so beware.

Now, worrying about the cyanoacrylate formula is typically more important when you are wondering how to remove eyelash extensions.  Anyone who has used a dab of super glue here or there to fix a child’s toy or make a repair on a vase knows just how superior the bonding ability of this ingredient can be.  As such, figuring out how to remove eyelash extensions at home can seem like a daunting task, just like the thought of getting super glue on your finger and trying to get it off.  But, you’ll be glad to know that the method for how to remove eyelash extensions at home is less scary than you might think although it is not advisable to do so.  Not only do you run a very high risk of accidentally removing your natural lashes, you also could cause damage to your eye by carelessness and simply a lack of skill.  You should always consider returning back to the salon that did your initial application instead of trying to figure out how to remove eyelash extensions yourself.

Removing cyanoacrylate formula with soap, water and soaking won’t do the trick. And don’t even think about using acetone with a Q-tip as you figure out how to remove eyelash extensions glue cyanoacrylate formula as you can lose your eyesight! Note, however, that a less knowledgeable eyelash technician may actually carry an eyelash glue remover containing acetone, so beware and ask for a safer alternative! Don’t just blindly trust the first stylist you go to!

A safer method on how to remove eyelash extensions requires you to gently clean the eyelashes removing everything from mascara to eyelash conditioner first. After your eyelashes are clean and dry, steam can be a very effective tool to help loosen up the tight bond between your natural lashes and the extensions.  You can help start to steam away your glue cyanoacrylate formula bonds by heating water in the microwave until it is piping hot.  Be careful when removing the bowl, of course.  Hold your face over the steaming water bowl (but, not close enough as to hurt yourself.)  You can drape a towel over the back of your head to make a sort of tent over the steaming bowl to encapsulate the warm vapor and keep it directed at your lashes.  After about 10 minutes, you can use a cotton ball to swap olive oil over the ends of the lashes.  This will help the tips to slide off. You may need to keep the oil on your lashes for some time if the lashes don’t slide off easily (go lie down and relax with your eyes closed!).

Remember to never pull or tug at your lashes – you’ll do no good and simply rip off the ones you do have right along with the fake ones.  Additionally, never rub or scrub them, because again you run the risk of damaging your natural lashes.  Determining how to remove eyelash extensions that you no longer want is a procedure best left to a professional, but if you’re insistent on doing it yourself, then consider this steam and oil method.


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  1. Pls i want to know all the ingredients and raw materials use in production of hair/ eyelash extensions bonding glue.add me in whatsapp +2348038855684 for serious business talk.thanks

    • Hi Val, please note that every brand might have their own ingredient combination used in the production of eyelash extensions glue and no company will share its formula with you for free as it is an intellectual property of a company. You can go to each company individually and request the ingredient list from them or purchase their products and hope that the packaging contains the ingredient list…Good luck!

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