August 5, 2020
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How To Remove Eyelash Extensions

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions Yourself Safely in 5 Steps

Whether you have elected synthetic or mink eyelash extensions, they are a short lived enjoyment.  Temporary until your natural lashes fall out, those lush and glamorous extensions will typically endure for a period of two months. Unfortunately, there will come a period where some of the extensions fall out, but, not all of them – and certainly not all at once.  They don’t all just flop off in a mass migration of little lash leftovers all at the same time; they shed naturally as your natural lashes depart.  Therefore, you can rapidly go from looking ravishing to ridiculous, and if you haven’t decided to have them reapplied, you may be wondering how to remove eyelash extensions.  Now, any reputable salon or manufacturer, such as Xtreme Eyelash Extensions (known for their synthetic, and, as of the year 2012, faux mink lashes), will implore you to return directly to the technician if you are wondering how to remove eyelash extensions. This is because you simply don’t have the tools or the training to do so on your own.  In fact, you’re much more likely to do a better job of just removing your natural lashes and going from bushy to bald rather quickly.  As such, your first method of lash deployment should be to have them professionally removed!  The applying salon will have the proper chemicals (ehhh…as much as we hate chemicals due to their health risks!) to bust through the used eyelash adhesive and get them off your eyelids without damage to your existing lashes.

But, there are some people who still wonder how to remove eyelash extensions safely on their own without the help of a professional.  Again, this is not the recommended method, and you should strongly consider not doing it in this way.  However, if you insist on finding out how to remove eyelash extensions on your own at home, then you can start with the steam and natural eyelash adhesive remover method (i.e. oil) and these 5 easy steps.  Remember, there is no right way to do this without professional help – so remove safely and gently, and, at your own risk!

  1. Prepare Yourself:  Everything has to be clean!  So, that mascara for eyelash extensions that you generously applied this morning on your mink lashes has got to go!  Use a gentle makeup remove and ensure that all of your eye makeup has been properly removed. You will also want to get a good make up mirror.  This will allow you to see the ends of your real lashes and where the extensions begin.  You will need to carefully examine this and make sure that all of the makeup or any other debris has been removed.
  2. Prepare Your Steam:  There isn’t really a safe way to make steam, so be careful!  Using a microwave safe bowl, heat water in the microwave until it is quite hot – that is, hot enough that it will produce steam.  Don’t feel the need to boil it, you’re not cooking pasta, you’re making steam.  Remember that the bowl will be hot, so unless you have the hands of a coal miner, use care (and a potholder) to remove the steaming bowl. You can also use a drugstore-bought facial steamer that you normally use to open up and clean the pores on your face on a weekly basis (super healthy!).
  3. Steam Your Face:  Hold your face over the bowl and drape a towel over your head to trap the steam in.  Steam can burn, so don’t stick your face directly up to the bowl while trying to figure out how to remove eyelash extensions!  Hold it close enough to feel the warm steam, but far enough away so that your skin doesn’t become a casualty.  Let your face be steam-ified for about ten minutes.
  4. Olive or Coconut Oil:  The crucial step in how to remove eyelash extensions safely by yourself is to moisten a cotton ball with olive or coconut oil.  Being careful to avoid getting any in your eyes, carefully wipe the cotton ball over your eyelashes.  Do this gently but repeatedly, until your synthetic or mink extensions begin to fall off.
  5. Clean Up And Moisturize:  Start by removing the residual oil with a gentle rinse.  You can clean thoroughly after this, however starting with a rinse will help to loosen any hanging-by-a-thread extensions that were missed on your multiple passes.  Once you are satisfied that all of your extensions have been successfully removed, you can wash your face normally to remove any greasy feeling or remaining oil residue. Note that steaming can be a bit drying to your skin so don’t forget to moisturize your face after the final clean-up, with a hypoallergenic moisturizer such as by Cliniderm.


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