September 21, 2020
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Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup

Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup Tutorial: 5 Best Looks Revealed!

Kim Kardashian can best be described as “larger than life” (and that’s not just referring to some of her more astonishing physical attributes)! Her clothes, her hair, and especially her makeup… almost always perfect and eye-catching. So, picking the “5 best Kim Kardashian eye makeup looks” is a tall order, indeed. But we’re up for a challenge in our celebrity makeup tutorial!

  1. Classic smokey eye, nude lip – Nine times out of ten, Kim K. opts for some version of a smokey eye. Sometimes it’s a brown base, other times, the base looks more gray/plum…but it consistently looks amazing. Always careful to strike the perfect balance between lips/eyes focus, this Kim Kardashian eye makeup look usually lets her smoldering eyes take center stage by pairing it with a glossy, shimmering, nude lip.
  2. Cat-eye, nude lip –  Kim K. has deep set eyes, but she camouflages it so well that many don’t even realize it by looking at the flawless Kim Kardashian eye makeup! She’s got one of the most important techniques in makeup for deep set eyes down pat…go light and shimmery on the lids. Even with her smokey eye looks, if you can get past the long, lush mink lashes (another trick for deep set eyes), you will see a predominately lighter lid. But the real impact of a lighter lid can more easily be seen when K-Dash dons a pale lid, classic cat-eye (complete with outer corner “wing”),  barely blushed cheeks, and a her signature shiny nude lip.
  3. Cat-eye, red lip – The epitome of glamour, Kim definitely channels classic, old-school Hollywood sexy every time she steps out with this stunning Kim Kardashian eye makeup look! She (or her team of makeup artists, more likely) know exactly how to employ eyeliner for big eyes, and boy, does it work. A cat-eye, with a classic winged-out flick (to add length to the shape of the eye) is set-off beautifully by a bright, bold red lip (sometimes matte, sometimes glossy…but always jaw-dropping).
  4. Neutral eye, pink lip – Sweet and innocent, that’s our Kim K. (when she opts for this Kim Kardashian eye makeup look, at least!). Fresh-faced and lovely, a natural and very light taupe smokey eye is complimented by flawless, glowing skin, peachy cheeks, and lightly pinkish, glossy lips. While the rest of her makeup is on the natural side, her perfect eyebrow shape takes more of a focus: always well-groomed with a clearly-defined arch. Here too, her long luscious mink lashes can also take more of the spotlight. While she usually adds faux lashes, she can also afford the best eyelash extensions money can buy made of authentic mink (which is what she is known for). But the good news is that you too can afford eyelash extensions! Make sure you do a little research of reputable salons near you, look online at mink eyelash extensions reviews, compare prices, and ask your technician for Minki Lashes extensions in real mink! If you don’t want to commit yourself to 2-3 months of permanently irresistible eye glamour, opt for Minki Lashes’ strip lashes instead. They are celebrity-worthy luxurious but won’t break the bank!
  5. Bronzed goddess – Last but definitely not least is the summery Kim Kardashian eye makeup stunner.  The hot K-Dash’s skin tone can carry off a pretty sultry bronzed look, but there are variations of this for every skin tone. She keeps the focus on her eyes with lots of bronze eyeshadow (pigment eyeshadow works best to really amp up the color and shimmer), smudged liner, fierce lashes, and bold brows. The rest of her face is contoured and sun-kissed to perfection. A shiny bronze lip finishes the look. C’est magnifique!

And just like that, not just one, but five, best Kim Kardashian eye makeup looks to choose from. You may not have her wallet, or her clothes, or her hair, or her… other attributes…but you sure can adopt one of these marvelous makeup styles and make it all your own!


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