August 5, 2020
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Mink Eyelash Extension Supplies Cost Overview

Wanting to make the jump to genuine mink eyelashes but don’t understand the cost differences associated with these premium products over regular eyelash extension supplies? You’re not alone, and that can make exploring these incredibly popular lash enhancements much more intimidating. But, there are some simple things to understand when you are looking to buy mink lashes and related eyelash extension supplies that will make shopping easier and less challenging.

For starters, it’s important to understand that minks that are authentic and will always be more expensive than even the best fake eyelashes on the market. They are simply much more expensive and labor intensive to produce by hand (vs cheap machine-assembled synthetics), and that translates to higher costs for the would be buyer. While most eyelashes bought from eyelash extension supplies outlets are man made synthetics, mink eyelashes are not produced in this fashion. They are harvested by hand by brushing the live animals. They are then cleaned and sterilized to make them appropriate and safe for use.  

The cost to collect, care for and upkeep the minks and labor to brush, collect and sterilize the hairs adds up, and this cost is passed on in the form of higher purchase prices. These prices vary but can be anywhere from 200% to 1000% higher than the cost of regular synthetic lashes, depending on the quality of the latter.

LashoutPro for instance, offers pricing of just over $300.00 for a case of minks; Lavish Lashes cost $280/tray. Luckily, Minki Lashes secured an exclusive relationship with a Siberian mink farm and is now able to offer the highest quality mink eyelash extension trays at more than twice cheaper than Lavish or LahoutPro. Comparably, the price for cheap bargain eyelashes can be a tenth of that. Bear in mind however that premium synthetic,  silk and faux mink lashes such as those from Novalash or Xtreme will cost considerably more because of their reputation (not necessarily quality of their eyelash extension supplies), and although they aren’t as expensive as minks, there is less of a gap between the two. Minki Lashes, who uses the same supplier for its faux mink extensions line as high-end Xtreme Lashes, offers its faux mink trays at half the price of its leading competitor! While lash technicians should get training and certification from reputable companies such as Lavish and Xtreme, there is no reason why they should pay twice as much for the same eyelash extension supplies such as genuine or faux mink eyelashes!

Thankfully, the remaining eyelash extension supplies needed to apply minks are industry standards, and no special tools or apparatuses are required for application that are any different from regular individual lashes, other than eyelash extensions glue. This means that products like brushes and pads can all be bought from the same places that these eyelash extension supplies can be bought from normally. This also means that the only cost difference associated with using mink lashes is the upfront additional cost of the lashes themselves and the glue. You should be careful when buying eyelash extensions glue from less known manufacturers, and always research safety of the glue ingredients, since you may be losing customers if the cheap irritating glue ends up causing frequent allergic reactions in your clients.

Be cautious however when choosing to buy eyelash extensions online, especially mink eyelashes. While counterfeits and fake products are very common, minks are the most often counterfeited. This is because scammers can charge significantly higher prices for lashes marketed as mink, and unfortunately buyers are often not aware that they have been duped until the fake product arrives. And, it’s typical that scam sites make returns nightmarish, leaving the consumer holding the bag.

In terms of shopping online, picking up some Taylor Swift eye makeup or lash stones on the cheap is rarely a problem. Most online vendors can discount these types of less expensive products and it doesn’t necessarily indicate that they are bad or hazardous. Even the majority of eyelash extensions supplies like tweezers and brushes can be bought online at a wide variety of safe stores. But, when it comes to buying genuine minks, do your homework, especially if a price seems too good to be true. Look for signs that the website is a scam. If they are selling lashes at markedly amazing prices, steer clear. And, if they offer things that don’t go with lashes such as oil based mascara for eyelash extensions, you’ll know that they aren’t a reputable or knowledgeable dealer. Check out the site’s country of origin and be careful with those eyelash extension supplies manufacturers based in China or Korea, notorious for selling fraudulent goods. And, most importantly, find reviews about the site you are considering to view both positive and negative accounts from real customers.

Authentic mink lashes are often a big investment for both the technician and the client. And, making sure that the lashes purchased are safe and genuine are the most important considerations, with cost being a secondary issue. But, be prepared that buying from reputable dealers will inevitably mean paying the higher cost associated with minks and, they’re worth every single penny.


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