January 17, 2021
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Mink Eyelash Extensions NYC Deals – Cheap Price Do’s And Don’ts

Looking for the best mink eyelash extensions NYC has to offer but on a tight budget? Well, there are some major things to consider when shopping for this trendy service when cost is a factor. With New York City being one of the most expensive places in the United States in terms of salon services, shopping on the cheap can be incredibly difficult. And, it’s not uncommon for bargains to come with some rather troublesome caveats. Before you buy eyelash extensions in New York City, check out this list of do’s and don’ts to ensure that your money spent is worthwhile, even if you’re getting a good discount.

DO Read Salon Eyelash Extension Reviews: It’s just common sense. You’d check out reviews online when buying eye shadow or a Tweezerman eyelash curler online, right? Well, same rules apply. If you want to know how a product or service is before buying, listen to what those with experience say. In terms of salons offering some of the cheapest eyelash extensions NYC can muster up, read the reviews for the salon first to ensure that you aren’t wasting your money.

DON’T Book an Appointment for Mink Lash Extensions Just Because You Found A Groupon: Sites like Living Social and Groupon can be excellent for saving money on many spa and salon services. However, clicking “buy now” on a deal should come AFTER the research has gone into the salon, its technicians and its offered services and never before. Otherwise, you could end up with a wasted coupon investment or a poor application all in the name of saving money.

DON’T Forget to Ask about Certification: While there is no proprietary training course for mink lash extensions like there are for industry leading synthetics such as Novalash and Xtreme Lashes which require lash technician training for those wishing to use their products, it’s still incredibly important to ensure that the salon you are considering has technicians that are trained and certified in the trade. Not everyone can apply eyelash extensions properly and certainly not without instruction, training and certification. Getting the best and most natural looking eyelash extensions NYC has to offer can only be done by a trained professional. How to Find a Qualified Lash Technician?

Speaking of trained professionals, consider whether or not a bargain price is tied to a newbie tech. It’s not uncommon for salons to charge various prices depending on the skill level of their staff. This can be a fantastic way to save a hefty chunk of change on application, and worth considering if shopping on a budget. However, nobody wants to be anyone’s first client, so ensure that even a discounted technician has a few full sets under his or her belt.

DO Ask Questions about the Products Used: Sketchy salons that offer too good to be true deals can often do so because of poor product quality. Unless you want to add in risk of allergy or worse, consider making sure that your choice in salon for the best eyelash extensions NYC can offer up are the real deal and that their products are safe. Ensure not only that the lashes are real mink (fakes are incredibly common and can look as fake as a set of drugstore cheap false eyelashes in comparison to real ones) but also that the eyelash adhesive used is not an overseas based, counterfeit or potentially hazardous product.

DON’T Assume that ‘Mink Eyelash Extensions’ Means ‘Real Mink’: Most people don’t realize that most beauty salons offer synthetic-based eyelash extension products since they are the most affordable for the salon owners/technicians. ‘Mink eyelash extensions’ often refer to faux mink lashes that are made of precision manufactured synthetic poly/nylon, and not cruelty-free real mink fur. They have a semi-glossy dark black finish and are thicker than real mink eyelashes but thinner than conventional synthetic loose eyelashes that were first introduced to lash extensions salons. Because of their velvetty finish, they look quite natural but never as real and believable as the authentic mink. Real mink eyelashes are 10 times more expensive than any synthetic manufactured product and hence, chances are your coupon deal will get you a set of faux mink. Always call the salon to confirm.

DON’T Use Nail Salons for Eyelash Extensions: More and more, salons are becoming outlets for everything from bikini waxes to pedicures, and it’s not uncommon to find a nail salon here or there scattered about New York City offering deeply discounted rates on questionable origin mink eyelash extensions. Avoid the allure of the rock bottom prices and steer clear. You’re further ahead to pick up a metal curler and oil-free mascara and wait until the budget allows for a quality set of lash extensions. While there are certainly exceptions, mink lash application at nail salons is a commonly a relatively poor choice for lash enhancement. Don’t be surprised if their lash technicians can’t answer your questions regarding eyelash glue ingredients or the type of lash material (faux vs real) used for individual lashes.

Everything is more expensive in New York City, and that can make deal hunting even more appealing. And, with loads of market competition, there are certainly deals to be had when shopping for the hottest eyelash extensions NYC can produce. But, there are some things to watch out for as mentioned in our do’s and don’ts list that can help keep the savvy shopper looking fabulous on a budget without getting taken to the cleaners.

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