August 5, 2020
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Mink Fur False Eye Lash Glue Remover – 10 Facts

If you have a fancy pair of luxurious strip mink lashes or better yet, mink lash extensions by Minki Lashes, the last thing that you want or need to do is to try to figure out how to remove false eyelashes yourself once your natural eyelashes start to kick them out one by one and you look like a half plucked turkey.  If you’re not interested in getting a refill on your professional semi-permanent mink eyelashes, you should return to the salon that applied them.  Typically, one or more forms of an eyelash glue remover will be used, and while each salon will typically use its own preferred version or brand of eye lash glue remover, there are some similarities between the various common and popular products. If you wear strip faux eyelashes or temporary partial lashes by Minki Lashes, even the waterproof drugstore lash glue will not have the same permanent strong hold as most mink fur lash extensions. We’ve compiled a list of 10 facts about various products designed to help loosen the bond between your fabulous mink fur fringe and your own natural lashes (or the skin on your upper lash line if you wear strip eyelashes), that will help you better understand why you need it or don’t, what you might not know about it.

  1. It Smells:  Surely you haven’t forgotten the magical aroma of the eye lash glue used to set your tips initially, and don’t expect that which removes it to smell like clean linen.  Expect the worse and plan on fumes, although some purportedly smell like caramel oddly enough. Beware of any eye lash glue removers that smell nice. This means fragrance- i.e. extra added (unnecessary!) mystery chemicals with high risk of irritation or other health issues.
  2. Cancer:  Some removers contain Butyrolactone, which is thought to possibly be a potentially cancer causing compound, although this likely varies based on exposure. Some eye lash remover brands use parabens, which are also known carcinogenic chemical ingredients.
  3.  Eye Irritation:  Even if you got through the installation of your new locks without so much as a watery eye, the same might not be said of your salon’s eye lash glue remover.  However, if you didn’t have a reaction to the initial adhesive, odds are good that you’ll get through the removal process equally unscathed.
  4. Skin irritation:  Most synthetic, silk or mink eyelash extensions are quite a ways away from the skin of your eyelash, although a daring technician may occasionally see how low they can go.  Regardless, the eye lash glue and remover should not be coming into contact with your skin, but things happen.  And, if these removers end up sliding their way to your lids, you could experience mild or even moderate skin irritation.
  5. Lung Irritation:  Breathing in chemical based fumes is never pleasant, but for some people, particularly those with already weakened respiratory systems, irritation may occur from the inhalation of the eye lash glue remover fumes.
  6. There Isn’t Such a Thing as 100% Hypoallergenic Glue Remover:  Just as you will not easily come across a salon touting its new hypoallergenic eyelash glue (even the “medical grade” adhesive is not hypoallergenic!), you aren’t likely to see any with a glue remover that is 100% allergy friendly either.  The fact is that you can and might have a reaction to any one cosmetic product or solution; however there are manufacturers that offer a more mild formulation and you can consider asking your salon about one. When removing strip mink fur eyelashes with a drugstore remover, those, too, are likely to be non-hypoallergenic, but typically contain a gentler formula than salon products.
  7. It’s Probably Oily:  Not only are products designed to loosen eyelash extension adhesive oily in order to help dissolve the eye lash glue, it’s also to help make the exquisite edges slide right off with little more than careful manipulation. For health-conscious Minki Lashes readers, natural oils such as olive oil can be safely used to remove professional lash extensions, but when it comes to re-using mink fur strip eyelashes, oils are a big “no-no”. So, if you want to reuse your newly purchased pair of Minki Lashes, keep oil-based eye lash glue remover options such as by Revlon away from your faux strips because it contains mineral oil. With strip lashes, gently pull off the strip off of your top eyelid and remove excess glue on your lid with oil afterwards.
  8. It’s Probably Not Required For Most Faux Lash Types: In most cases, you don’t need a chemical based remover at allMost mink fur false eyelashes should be gently pulled off of your top eyelid, and a natural remover such as olive or coconut oil should be used afterwards, strictly on skin, lashes off. Oils are generally effective for salon lash extensions as well, but you will need to use some steam to loosen up the glue.
  9. Pros Only For Extensions:  Most of the proper products for removing salon-applied mink lashes are intended for the use of trained professionals.  This is for a combination of reasons but mostly because some of the contents can be deemed hazardous and harmful if used by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Remember, your furry friends that you shelled out the big bucks for, are stuck to your own lashes.  If you want to keep the ones you have, you need a technician and their skill and supplies to get those puppies off!
  10. Safer With Clean Base:  While curling eyelashes with a heated curler (conventional clamp is a big “no-no”!) is often advised as authentic fur mink may eventually start losing its natural curl, using mascara is typically considered taboo for women wearing mink lashes or mink lash extensions.  Make sure that yours are clean and dry when you go in to have your stragglers removed at the salon.  This will not only make the process easier, it will also help to ensure that the eye lash glue remover can work to its full potential and decrease the risk of allergic reaction.


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