November 25, 2020
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Mink Individual Lashes Vs Flare Lashes – Which To Choose?

When choosing between individual mink lashes and flare clusters, there are many factors to consider. Traditionally, officially referred to eyelash extensions, mink individual lashes as well as synthetic or silk fake eyelashes tips are applied one by one to the ends of the natural lashes by a professional eyelash technician. They are applied in various designs and thicknesses and lengths to accentuate everything from big eyes makeup looks to natural makeup free looks as well. Mink lashes are incredibly lightweight thanks to their natural fur source and are incredibly safe (they are sterilized) as they do not weigh down the natural lashes, therefore affording less risk of breakage and shedding of the natural lash. Not only does their weightlessness add safety factors in by preventing the risk of natural lash loss, they also are incredibly long wearing as a result, as the natural lashes shed when ready, and not as a result of the attached mink lashes. However, ladies who regularly rub their eyes or sleep on their stomachs, should opt for temporary flare mink lashes applied at home.

Conversely, while flare clusters are incredibly popular for enhancing small eyes makeup and adding loads and loads of glamour for evening makeup looks thanks to their abundantly thick and voluminous appearance, the multi lashed flares are substantially heavier than individual mink lashes due to each natural lash supporting the weight of a multi stranded cluster of extensions. They are offered as an express eyelash extensions service at certain salons for a semi-permanent application (not recommended by Minki Lashes), or can be applied at home with a temporary adhesive for a more natural look than full strip lashes.

While flare lashes can provide a quick and easy way to achieve thicker eyelashes in a hurry at your local salon, they do add a higher amount of risk, particularly if the existing condition of the natural lashes is fragile, thin or weak.
 Of course, they do have their benefits as well as anyone experienced in the process of how to apply individual eyelashes can attest, the process between the application of the two is markedly different with much less time being devoted to the flare option than the 2 hour long process of individual lash application.

Flare lashes applied at home with a drugstore purchased false lash glue are a great option for limited and temporary wear and can provide loads of elegance and drama for short periods of time safely. However, they are no comparison to salon individual mink lashes a.k.a. eyelash extensions, in terms of both looks and safety. Mink lashes are the most sought after type of lash extension for a reason. They are the perfect complement to natural makeup looks because of their weightless, irregular and feathery appearance. And, they afford a lush and luxurious appearance without looking overly glossy and fake. When applied with the safe best eyelash glue by a trained professional, they can last for weeks on end, with little risk of loss to the natural lash until it’s ready to shed on its own. Individual mink lashes are an abundantly better choice due to their long wearing and natural looking appearance. However, in a pinch, professionally applied or do it yourself at home options for flare clusters can be appropriate for short term use where the weight will not have as dramatic an impact on the natural lash. However, there is little that can change the dramatic difference in appearance that can come from the use of individual minks.They are a safer, longer lasting and better looking option than any other faux mink or silk lashes on the market, which well warrants their higher price point and luxurious predisposition. Ask your salon lash technician for authentic Minki Lashes 


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