September 21, 2020
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Mink Lash Extensions

Mink Lash Extensions – How To Find A Qualified Technician?

Making the decision to get mink lash extensions is the easy part.  Considering their unparalleled superiority, picking them over faux products like Xtreme Eyelash extensions is not usually a difficult decision for people to make, so long as their wallets can afford the additional cost associated with these premier professional eyelash extensions.  However, one area where you may have some confusion is figuring out whom to have them applied by and from where.   Finding not only a salon, but a qualified technician to apply your semi permanent lashes might take a little bit of work on your part.

Chances are, if you live in a very large city such as Los Angeles, Chicago or Miami, you aren’t going to have a very difficult time finding someone very qualified to provide you with mink lash extensions.  And, certainly, there is no question that you won’t have to look very far to find the best eyelash extensions NYC has to offer.  However, what does the average person do that lives far from a large city or a cosmopolitan metropolis do to get their hands on a skillfully applied set of mink lash extensions?  Well, again, research is everything.

Start by researching the places closets to you that offer mink lash extensions.  You might be surprised to find that even some smaller salons have the products you are looking for.  But, you are going to have to tread very cautiously.  Some salons will refer to their products as mink when really they are synthetic replicas.  So, you will need to call and verify that they offer the product that you desire.  For example, Novalash offers synthetic lash extensions, Xtreme Lashes has recently started offering faux mink lashes (so some salons still us the cheaper quality synthetics), Lavish Lashes and Minki Lashes supply both faux and real mink lash extensions. However, despite of comparable quality to Minki Lashes, Lavish Lashes sells their trays of individual lashes to professional eyelash technicians for over double the price of Minki Lashes, so don’t be surprised if you are charged a higher eyelash application fee just for using a higher priced (not higher quality!) product!

After having clarified the type of lashes your salon uses, you will need to ask important questions about what types of eyelash extension glue that they use.  Better salons will offer a variety and will choose them based on your sensitivity level and the type and style of lashes you are having applied. It’s also worthwhile to ask about the fill schedule that they offer and cost of these follow up visits so that you can calculate that into what your overall cost will be for your new mink lash extensions.

Your last step is going to be getting information about the specific technicians that the salon employs.  You should inquire about how long they have been doing lashes and what type and what length of eyelash extensions training they have had.  Unfortunately, many technicians that end up working in salons have NO training.  That’s right – none.  And, some others have training that lasted only one day.  Because of the intricate work being performed (and, where it is being performed) you will want to evaluate the experience and skill level of the person applying your new mink eyelash extensions.  There are some technicians that have no formal training, but have been performing the procedure for decades, and conversely, there are others that have had numerous classes yet little real world experience mastering this artistic craft. It’s best to ask for a technician’s certificate of competed training. Training through Xtreme, Lavish, Eyelash Canada and other popular brands is generally a good sign, but level of hands-on experience should be a more credible indicator of whether you should trust your qualified technician.

Because of the time and money that you will personally invest in a set of luxurious mink fringes, don’t be afraid to be picky about who is doing the application.  After all, your end result will ultimately lie in the skill and training of the qualified technician performing the work.


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