August 5, 2020
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Permanent Eyelash Extensions Supplies – Glue And Tools

Most of the emphasis placed on eyelash extensions supplies falls on the lashes themselves. And, rightly so. After all, they are the part that is seen by the world, and whether a client is looking to replicate Miley Cyrus eye makeup looks and enhance them with faux lashes, or prepare for a special occasion like a monumental wedding, the lashes themselves can make a world of difference. But, there are other parts of extensions supplies that are almost just as important. Adhesives and tools can make or break a technician and either add to the perfection of an application, or ruin it entirely.

Eyelash extension glue is one of the most talked about eyelash extensions supplies in the industry. One of the biggest pitfalls is training. To buy well known and well reputed glues from companies like Nova Lash, a technician must be trained and certified with the company. Therefore making the right decision can be difficult for someone unable to buy these proprietary adhesives due to a lack of eyelash extension training. Thankfully, other glues that are well known and reportedly very good like Francesca’s fill in for credential lacking techs. But, there are some other concerns to picking the right glue aside from manufacturer. Techs should be cautious about picking up products sold as surgical glue or medical grade glue. This misinformation can confuse clients and make them think that they are safer. They are often made from the same chemicals as many other glues are yet falsely advertised. The best bet when picking a glue is to find one with great reported hold and low fumes.

10 facts about lash extensions glue

Secondary to lashes and adhesives, the tools of the trade that should be in every lash pros arsenal include tweezers and patches. Tweezers of course are essential because they are what is used to manage and apply the lashes. Every technician should have a couple of different sizes of tweezers in order to properly work with different types and sizes of lashes as well as different shaped eyes.

There are other eyelash extensions supplies that are considered essential to efficient and proper application. Patches, typically placed below the bottom lash line, are ideal for making working at applying the lashes much simpler by providing a bright, clean, and high contrast background behind the lashes. And, stones and crystals may not seem relevant tools, but they do serve an important purpose during application by providing a place for the individual lashes to be laid out one by one and be perfectly visible prior to applying.

Another essential entry in the stockpile of eyelash extensions supplies that every good tech must have is adhesive remover. When clients start to shed their applied lashes, they will either come in for fill ins or ask for a full removal if they’ve decided that they didn’t like or tired of the lashes. To break the bonds of lash adhesives, special remover must be used to prevent damage and removal of the natural lash.

One of the best eyelash extensions supplies that every tech should consider is a sterlizer for tools. Not only can this help prevent allergy and the spread of germs in customers, they also afford peace of mind to clients who are almost always eager to see a clean and sterile workstation. Tools used to apply semi-permanent eyelashes like tweezers, can be cleaner and sterilized in these units, to be ready for the next application.

There are a wide variety of tools and supplies that are required for both application and proper eyelash extensions care following the procedure. While the faux lashes themselves are often considered the only important part, a good technician knows that a proper application requires the use of many tools and supplies, and each one is important to luscious lash success.

Reminder to all permanent eyelash extensions salon customers: always ask your lash technician for proof of training certification (to ensure that they are qualified), and the type of lash adhesive used (to avoid high fume allergenic lash glues).


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