August 5, 2020
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Semi Permanent Eyelash Adhesive For Individual Lashes Tips

If you’re wondering how to apply individual eyelashes either singly or in clusters at home, one of the first considerations is which eyelash adhesive to choose. Regular drugstore offerings are not formulated for the few day to up to two week hold that is found in semi permanent eyelash glue, which should be used for self-applied semi permanent eyelash extensions, a.k.a. flare lashes.

One of the most popular choices comes from the maker of Ardell Individual lashes, a prime starting point for those new to lash land. Ardell’s LashTite product comes in a deep color and lasts and lasts. Many users boast that they could entirely skip the process of applying mascara for up to two weeks after using the Ardell eyelash adhesive for their individual lashes. The glue does dry fast however, which may prove troublesome for first time applicators. But, this fast drying feature is also one that is well loved by those who know all too well the time consuming and painstaking process of using eyelash adhesive for application of individual lashes. There are some safety concerns to the product however. Skin Deep, the online cosmetics database, points out that the artificial colorings used to give the eyelash adhesive its characteristic color can prove to be allergy promoting, particularly in sensitive users. And, for those concerned about makeup ingredients and are fans of hypoallergenic and organic products, LashTite may not be the best pick. However, for budget shoppers, it’s a steal at just a few bucks, available at many beauty supply stores.

Splurging a little however, will produce a superior product for individual or cluster lash application. However, don’t get excited if you spot Lash beLong, a semi permanent adhesive that boasts incredibly long wear, in large eyelash e-stores’ catalogs (such as While up to six weeks of use can be had from the eyelash adhesive, which runs about sixty five dollars apiece, this dermatologist tested formulation that is free of formaldehyde, a virtual anomaly amongst lash adhesives, is sold to be used by professional eyelash technicians only! While it is most certainly not a discount product and can be worth every penny to those who find that their amazing eye makeup needs some extra luxurious mink lash by Minki Lashes, this semi permanent glue is way too strong to be used in a home setting. So if you don’t work at a salon applying extensions onto your clients’ eyes, consider drugstore eyelash adhesive options.

Regardless of brand, semi permanent lash glue that lasts up to two weeks is the appropriate type of glue for the application of individual lashes. It should never come into contact with skin, and is not formulated in the same way that other adhesives are, such as those for use on the actual eyelid for strip lashes. Their extra long hold is a result of this different formulation, which makes them unsafe for skin contact. There are pluses and minuses to each one in terms of ease of use, safety and cost. But, once applied with the chosen eyelash adhesive, individually applied clusters can provide glamour, drama and elegance for weeks on end. And, when styled safely with the best heated eyelash curler available, the luxury can be taken up even another notch. They’re suitable for every eye shape, color, and size and can make natural looks sparkle and diva looks even more luscious.


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