February 26, 2021
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Taylor Swift Eye Makeup

Taylor Swift Eye Makeup Tutorial: Celebrity Tips For Small Eyes

It’s been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In many cases, it is also very practical! If you’ve got small eyes, then you know how tricky it can be sometimes to apply eye makeup correctly. So why not take a cue (or 10) from Taylor Swift and some other lovely celebrities with small eyes? By learning Taylor Swift eye makeup techniques from our tutorial on celebrity tips below, you too can achieve expert results from small eyes makeup!

1.       Keep brows neatly groomed – One of the best celebrity makeup tips? Big, bushy, unruly brows can make small eyes look even smaller, and over-plucked brows can actually end up doing the same. The trick is to find a happy medium of your best eyebrow shape. Stars with small eyes like Keira Knightly are known for gorgeous brows.

2.       Curl your lashes – This is one of the most often-used celebrity tips for makeup, especially in Taylor Swift eye makeup. Before mascara, curl your eyelashes with an electrical heated eyelash curler with a few gentle upward strokes, similar to applying mascara. We prefer the heated type of curler because it offers less risk for damaging your own lashes. However, if you prefer to use a conventional clamp, then press it down and hold lashes for 3 seconds (any longer will crimp the lashes), and curl in three segments…base, middle, tip… to give a more natural curve. Then add at least two coats of paraben-free mascara.

3.       False lashes = Big eyes – You can readily spot these on nearly every lovely female celebrity in the spotlight. Celebrity false eyelashes made of authentic cruelty-free mink are everywhere, and come in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. If a full strip is too much for you, you can opt for a more natural partial lash (check out Minki Lashes’ collection here to get celebrity worthy eyelashes), or achieve a fuller effect by adding individual lashes. And of course, if you want to always have big, beautiful eyelashes without any hassle, consider mink eyelash extensions. (They can last up to 3 months!). Ask your eyelash technician for Minki Lashes extensions in real or faux mink instead of the more stiff and heavy synthetics or silk that are still used in most salons.

4.       Know where to line (and where not to line) – One of the biggest no-no’s of Taylor swift eye makeup when dealing with eyeliner for small eyes is lining the inner rim (waterline). It may be tempting (especially when rocking a smokey eye), but try to avoid it. The dark liner will only help to close in the look of your eye.

5.      Tightline – “Tightlining” is essentially filling in the bare spots between your lashes. Yes, we know the spots are small, but by filling them in, it will give the illusion of a longer eye line. Taylor Swift eye makeup is a prime example of how effective this one of the most often forgotten celebrity tips for small eyes is.

6.       Think ombre – By simply using two closely related shades from the same color family, you can actually produce dimension and space on your lid. It has everything to do with using shadow and light to create depth. The lighter of the two shades is used in the center of the lid, with the darker shade either in the crease above or in the outer corner forming a sideways V. Typical Taylor Swift eye makeup often uses this celebrity trick on the red carpet because the effect captured in the flashing lights is striking.

7.       Lighten up – Taylor is a big fan of the light lid. Keep the upper lids light, with subtle shimmer on the inner third of the eye. You can also smoke-out the lower lash line with a glistening taupe. By keeping the overall colors light (and light-reflecting), your small eyes look bigger and brighter.

8.       Shadow placement is key – Repeat to yourself: Dark colors recede, light colors bring forward. That’s the mantra for not only Taylor Swift eye makeup, but any other makeup, regardless of shape, but it’s even more important if your goal is to create the illusion of larger eyes. With eye shadow for small eyes, avoid the dark shades on the lid (it will you’re your eyes look smaller). Instead, create an elongated eye look with a smokey cat eye, keeping the dark shadow to a sideways V in the outer corner of your eyes.

9.       Check the concealer – Taylor and other celebrities with small eyes know that dark circles under the eyes not only make the eyes look smaller, but sunken. Instead of a yellow-based color, opt for a peach or pink hue. It will better cover the bluish tones. But also be sure to check the ingredients in makeup (especially eye makeup) before slathering on that delicate skin. The best online place for reference – EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

10.   Illuminate – There is a miraculous little celebrity makeup artist secret out there called Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat ($40, www.sephora.com). It is more than a concealer; it is an illuminator. It can be used under the eyes, in the tear duct, under the brow…anywhere you want to bring light in your glamorous Taylor swift eye makeup!

Remember, celebrities are just ordinary people with a little (or a lot) of fame. They come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their eyes! If you’ve got small eyes, following suit with some key Taylor Swift eye makeup techniques listed in our tutorial on celebrity tips will not only give you the ability to achieve amazing eye makeup results… but it will allow you to achieve those amazing results consistently!


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