August 5, 2020
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Removing Eyelash Extensions

Tips For Removing Eyelash Extensions At Home -Which Oil To Use?

If you’re wondering how to remove eyelash extensions, it’s for one of a few reasons.  Either you’re terribly dissatisfied with the cheap and heavy fake-looking synthetic eyelash extensions (in which case you should be marching yourself straight back to the salon that initially installed your semi permanent lashes in the first place), you have grown tired of them and/or they bother you (either because you sleep on your stomach and lashes get squished at night, you rub your eyes frequently, or due to allergenic glue used by the professional salon, or due to extremely rare allergy to animal fur such as in case of mink eyelashes even when fully sterilized), or it’s about the time that your natural lashes with extensions are shedding and your lashes look sparse and odd because some are in and some are out.  Regardless of your cause, there are a number of reasons to consider removing eyelash extensions. However, you should know that while home remedies and techniques exist, it’s absolutely not advised by any certified lash technician that you attempt removing eyelash extensions at home on your own.  Yes, there is a charge to go back to the person who put them on to have them taken off, however they are the ones best equipped to be your false eyelash remover, possessing tools and methods that you are not aware of and not able to replicate.

If you absolutely insist on removing eyelash extensions at home, one of the most popular methods is with oil; however you will find a lot of conflicting information, particularly on the internet, about what types of oil are and are not acceptable.  Some claim that baby oil is adequate while others boast that the same products they use to remove colorful eye makeup – makeup removers that are oil based – are sufficient.  Still yet you will see various vague phrases such as “cooking oil” that can mislead you to some extent.  However, there is one oil that time and time again is recommended for people who insist on not following directions and having their fake eyelashes tips removed by a professional, and that is olive oil.

So how do you use this kitchen essential for removing eyelash extensions at home safely?  Well, likely not in the way you think. Read on for the best tips:

1. The best place to start is at the microwave oddly enough.  Steaming a bowl of water in the microwave until it’s hot enough to make a fair amount of steam (no reason to boil it though, and BE CAREFUL!  SAFETY FIRST)!  This bowl of steaming water can be placed on a table that you can hold your face over (not too close of course).
2. You can drape a towel over your head to capture the warm steam.  Do this for about 10 minutes.  The job of the steam is to make removing eyelash extensions a little easier by loosening up the incredibly strong glue.
3. After 10 minutes of sauna time, you can then apply olive oil to the semi permanent lashes using a cotton ball.  Gently glide atop the lashes making passes over and again.  TIP: Do not pull or tug on eyelashes – you will simply rip your natural lashes out, and your goal is removing eyelash extensions only not the whole shebang.

With caution and care you can successfully remove your lash extensions at home safely however it is ill advised in order to preserve the remaining intact, natural lashes.

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