February 26, 2021
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Mink Eyelash Extensions

What Are Mink Eyelash Extensions And Why Get Them?

If you want natural looking false eyelashes, you simply cannot do better than mink.  These once high-end, celebrity only products became all the rage when it was discovered that famous celebrities like Madonna were getting their glamorous looks from the tiny hairs of the mink.   Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions in fact were the talk of blogs and magazines all over after she donned her semi permanent fringe for the first time.  When they were first introduced in the United States, they carried a monumental price tag.  In fact, one set would set you back upwards of $7,000.00.  Nowadays because of growing popularity likely thanks in part to a celebrity following, mink eyelash extensions will set you back around $200-$400 to start (unless you use a Groupon but beware cheap quality and eyelash technicians with questionable level of experience!!!).  So, what exactly are mink eyelash extensions and where do they come from?  And, why on Earth would anyone prefer them?

The popularity of mink eyelash extensions doesn’t lie in the fact that there is allure because they’re from an animal (although there may be some people who find that fact appealing).  

The genuine reason that mink eyelash extensions are better is because they are higher quality, they look better, they feel better and they are unique – all qualities that are difficult to achieve with synthetic products. Lashes from minks are thinner and wispier and they have unrefined edges in many cases. This leads to an airy and feathery look that isn’t heavy, but while still being absolutely luxurious.
 In addition, the uneven nature of these natural hairs means that while they may be over the top in the glamour department, they still can almost pass as natural because of their exclusive look. No other material – faux mink, silk, human hair or synthetics can replicate the same effect as genuine mink eyelash extensions.

People with all different eye shapes can benefit from genuine mink as well because they are so versatile.  A skilled technician can design your eye fringe to a customized and tailored look that is ideal for your face and eye shape.  And, the end result can be so perfect and gorgeous that you may decide to skip the mascara for eyelash extensions altogether!  And, forget about finding the perfect eye makeup, you may decide to go au natural after having a set of mink lashes applied!  There is simply no substitute for the look of mink eyelash extensions.

Minki Lashes supplies professional eyelash salons across the US and Canada with both high quality genuine Siberian mink eyelash extensions and those made of faux mink, so ask your eyelash technician for the highest quality product on the market! While many lower end beauty salons may try to push the conventional synthetics onto you because they provide extra thickness and glossy finish, note that synthetic material is much heavier on the eyes so if you are a newbie at lash extensions, you may end up feeling uncomfortable wearing them. Real mink is the most lightweight and natural looking product on the market.

As far as the specifics of where these tiny and beautiful hairs come from, you probably have already guessed that it’s direct from the coat of a mink, a smallish relative of the ferret that has long been prized for its silky coat.  And, while you may be appalled at the thought of deriving eyelash extensions from an animal, you can put your worries at ease.  While there are certainly terrible cases of animal cruelty that have plagued the cosmetics industry for decades, there are companies such as Minki Lashes that offer these luxury lashes without harming the precious animals that they come from.  How do they do it?  Well, grooming of course!  The farmed minks are brushed and brushed (usually the tail) while the loose hairs that result from this comb down are collected by hand.  You may think that’s a farfetched theory, but anyone with a pet in the house can attest that animals will freely drop their coats here and there without any intervention from you and stimulating brushing can easily yield all the hairs needed to glam up pair after pair of needy eyes!


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