August 5, 2020
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Where To Buy Eyelash Extensions Online And Is It Safe?

Are you an eyelash technician looking to buy eyelash extensions online and don’t know where to begin? Well, you’re not alone. Since the inception of online shopping via the World Wide Web, scammers have united to take unsuspecting shoppers directly to the cleaners, and the beauty industry is a major marketplace for purchaser predators. So, where can you buy eyelash extensions online safely? And, what do you need to look out for to make sure that your purchase is what you intended?

For starters, it’s important to understand some of the major scams awaiting the unsuspecting online lash purchaser. One of the biggest is overseas vendors peddling fake wares on the internet. Genuine mink lashes, for instance, are substituted by scammers for silk eyelash extensions, faux mink, hair from other animals that are touted as Siberian mink when they really aren’t,  or other synthetics, without the buyer even noticing. Sometimes, blends are used that incorporate both some real hair and some synthetic (although full price will still be charged of course). This is common with too-good-to-be-true prices on authentic mink trays costing around $60. Remember, authentic mink costs about 5 or more times more than the faux version. Lavish Lashes, for instance, charges $280 to buy eyelash extensions made of Siberian mink. Minki Lashes sells a very similar product for twice cheaper, while guaranteeing its authenticity.

Furthermore, once shipped from overseas, even when the deception is discovered, returns can be a nightmare or downright impossible, leaving buyers left with a product they didn’t want and out of pocket the money they paid for them. One way to avert this is to make sure that you are checking out mink eyelash extensions reviews from actual purchasers before you buy, to ensure that others have been satisfied with their authentic products once received. But, even reviews can be fraudulent, with companies paying people to write false reviews to add to their deception, so other precautionary steps should be taken before making the decision to buy eyelash extensions online.

Another concern is safety. The truth is that when having work done at eyelash extensions salons, the customer is afforded the opportunity to ask questions about the products and where they came from. This isn’t available online, and the consumer is forced to trust the seller of the products. Genuine mink from quality dealers is sterilized so that the lashes are as safe to apply as those that are synthetic, with risk of allergy being minimal. However, sketchy dealers may elect to sell lashes with this step omitted in order to move them cheaply.

Another pitfall facing shoppers is online shopping megamarts like Amazon and Ebay. While credit card and personal information is guaranteed safe by these market monoliths, the same sellers that can scam away on their own websites can sell the same junk products on these sites. And, therefore it’s no safer to buy eyelash extensions from these sites as it is anywhere else. A seller of lashes from China that isn’t offering the quality lashes detailed in their product description can sell them on Ebay just as easily as they can anywhere else. Consider instead a reputable site such as Minki Lashes. Offering a full line of consumer and professional lash products, not to mention amazing deal on the highest quality cruelty-free genuine fur lashes, it’s a great online spot to buy eyelash extensions that come with a money back guarantee. Sure, Minki Lashes doesn’t sell vacuum cleaners and dog collars like superstore sites, but do you really want to buy eyelash extensions from a place that does, instead of one that focuses on specifically minks? Probably not.

Are eyelash extensions safe to buy online? Sure they are. But, it has to be from the right vendor – one that knows and understands the product that they are selling and has a reputation that you are willing to bet your peepers on. And, while deals can lure in the unsuspecting, you do often get what you pay for. A few dollars savings can easily translate into a great amount of grief.

Mink lashes are ideal for all different kinds of eye shapes and are suitable for those featuring small, almond shaped eyes, Betty Boop-like big Asian eyes, and even small and inset eyes. They are genuinely worth the money spent on the genuine product for a reason. So, don’t be afraid to spice up your summer eye makeup with a set of luscious mink eyelash extensions or add some drama to a special event with the authentic product. Just be willing to pay for them a few times more than the faux product, because many online discounts that seem too good to be true, often are, leaving buyers victimized in numerous ways all in the name of beauty.


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